The brand founded by the Fila brothers in Italy, 1911, joins Bodega Rose at the White Street Market 2019, two worlds that have transformed shoes into their winning card, designing and reinterpreting them following their greatest passions: sports and nature. Behind the Bodega Rose brand, is Olivia Rose, a young woman who manages to blend her green addiction with a love for street fashion. Following the idea of wanting to initiate a new generation towards an admiration for nature and to design “plants with a purpose”, she was noticed on Instagram by well known labels.

WSM has welcomed her into its world by organizing, together with Olivia and the FILA team, two days of workshops with women. The ladies in purple shirts, including Ilaria Bigg, Sarah Misciali, Sol Begino and Selma Sebbagh, created the perfect FILA Disruptor sneaker vase working together between clay and tools, creativity and laughter.

January 2019

White Street Market at Superstudio Più in Milan