How to Make a Mini Mold

Learn how to make a mini mold for any casting.



Utility knife or scissors
Mold container (you can reuse plastic soda bottles, yogurt cups, legos — anything that can be taken apart and is leak proof. This will house your mold)
2 cups for mixing
Hot glue gun
Mixers (plastic spoons or popsicle sticks)
Mask (safety first)


Object to mold
Silicone rubber
Casting material (could be soap, resin, plaster, sugar etc)
Petroleum jelly

Cover the surface you are working on for easy clean up.


Grease your object with the petroleum jelly. Cover every inch of your object in a very thin layer. The petroleum jelly acts as a release agent for your mold.


Glue the base of your object to the bottom of your mold container. The side you are gluing down should be a flat surface, as this side will be where you pour in the casting material.


Fill your empty mold container with water, completely covering the object. Pour out the water into a separate cup to determine how much silicone you will need. Completely dry your container before pouring silicone into it.


Mix your mold ingredients as instructed by the manufacturer. Typically, silicone molds come in a Part A and a Part B. After opening the containers, make sure the two liquids do not come into contact with one another, except during the mixing process. Use separate stirring sticks and mixing cups. Mix each individual part before pouring them together. The curing time begins as soon as you combine the two parts together. Pour the mixture into the container, completely covering the object.

To remove air bubbles, pick up your container and gently tap it against the table surface for about a minute. The bubbles should rise to the surface.


Your mold should take about 75 minutes to cure. Make sure it is firm to the touch. It should not be tacky. Once it has completely cured you can cut and remove your mold container from your mold.


Carefully remove your object from the silicone.


You have a mold! Now you can pour in your casting material.

* For soap, using pour and melt blocks, microwave your soap in 20 second intervals until it is completely melted. Add in your dye and fragrance.
* For sour gummies, boil water, add the Jell-O, Kool-Aid, and gelatin and stir vigorously until all of the powder has completely dissolved.


After your casting has completely set, carefully remove it from the mold.

Voila, you are on your way to becoming a mold master!